Danie Cansino


June 4 – 12, 2021

Opening reception Friday June 4, 5-8pm

Danie Cansino is an interdisciplinary artist and educator living and working in Los Angeles.  A resident artist at Mi Familia Tattoo Studio, Cansino specializes in color, and Chicanx style black and grey realism. In examining her own cultural history, and her experience around tattooed people, Cansino has become interested in the ways in which colonization has affected the practice of tattooing, in particular, tattooing in the United States. Through narration, Cansino explores the notion that clients, peers, and her personal mentors all have stories to tell– showing the impact a tattoo can have on lifestyle, family, education, employment, and careers. Cansino shares these stories; and shines light on lineage, tradition, and the hardships of this practice. Tattooing, very much like all the elements of her work, is a major part of the history of her Latinx culture, and hometown of Los Angeles. Cansino also focuses on issues of access to material, exploring how capitalism affects low-income communities. Using disposable mediums in her own practice,  Cansino is interested in collapsing the divide between low and high art, and what is considered worthy of representation in the fine art realm. This is also relevant in the acceptance of various art forms in Latinx/Chicanx culture. Danie Cansino has long term aspirations to help and teach others through the means of higher education, and through the creation and design of her own artwork and tattoos. 

Danielle attended Rio Hondo College, shortly after her first apprenticeship for tattooing in 2013. In 2017, Danielle graduated from Laguna College of Art and Design, where She earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting, with an Emphasis in Sculpture. After graduation in 2018, Danielle began tattooing full-time as a resident artist at Mi Familia Tattoo Studio, where she specializes in color and black and grey realism. In 2021, Cansino completed her Master of Fine Art degree at the University of Southern California.  Cansino’s work has been featured in exhibitions with SUR Biennial, American Museum of Ceramic Art, Human Resources Gallery, UTA Artists Space, Humble Arts Foundation, USC Roski and publications in Artforum International Magazine as well as Glendale Community College.

Dodger Blue 2020
72in x 40in
BIC ballpoint pen on spiral notebook paper, repurposed cardboard.
Con Safos 2021
72in x 48in
Oil on plywood

Danie Cansino

Instagram: @daniecansino

Email:  cansino@usc.edu